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At Clean Line Landscape, we specialize in several services—from electrical work, to planting your favorite trees. We are here to transform your lawn into an outdoor oasis!


We offer electrical work for your landscape projects, such as outdoor kitchens, sheds, and arbors.


Light up your yard with wall cap lights, wash lights, corkscrew lights, tree lights, path lights, and uplights.


Plants bring your landscape to life. We can plant trees, Canary Palms, and box wood, and we also install plant tiers of many sizes.  

Trenching Gas Line

Our trenching gas line services include installation of compression risers, poly tubing, pressure gauges, threaded caps, and wire runs. Our services also include any miscellaneous parts needed, as well as 811 services and permits. 

SYNLawn In Stock

SYNLawn is a great grass alternative. We offer turf services, such as artificial turf installation, adding turf between diamonds, sod installation, as well as offering other environmentally friendly products, such as SYNPro.


Design is always the first step. Our 3D & 2D design services help you see and know the landscape you want. We also create lighting plans and concepts, as well as drainage and irrigation plans. 


We can do anything from stamped concrete, rocks for pools, stone veneer installation, and so much more. Our concrete services are customized to fit your landscape needs.


Our landscape services include fabricating and installing metal edging, soil amendments, bed area fill, setting and filling for pots, boulders installation, and arbor fabrication and install. We also include irrigation valves, and irrigation/drainage systems for pots, beds, and raised planters.

Equipment Work

We have all the necessary equipment needed for your landscaping needs, including any Bobcat or Excavator work, vibratory plate compaction, and trenching.


Stay cool in the summer with a pool, or relax anytime with a spa. We provide professional pool/spa installation from the first dig to filling it up. Our services include waterline installation, plumbing/electrical, gunite, pebble/plaster pool finish, and everything in between.

Outdoor Living

Enhance your outdoor living space with a vertical pour fire pit, seating areas, benches, greenery, water features, or arbors. And create the perfect outdoor kitchen and patio for any of your social home gatherings.

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