Welcome to Harvey Aviation – Your Premier Charter Airline in Visalia, CA

At Harvey Aviation, we soar above the rest with a commitment to excellence, safety, and personalized service. As a pioneering charter airline based in Visalia, California, we take immense pride in offering unparalleled travel experiences that redefine the way you fly. With a dedicated team led by Jonathan Graham, years of aviation expertise, a skilled crew, and a fleet of high-quality aircraft, we are your gateway to effortless and luxurious air travel.

private charters done right

Meet Jonathan Graham

Jonathan Graham, the visionary behind Harvey Aviation, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the aviation industry. With countless hours logged in the skies, he has honed his skills as a seasoned pilot. His journey began years ago, fueled by a deep love for aviation and a determination to provide travelers with a superior way to explore the world. Jonathan’s leadership and dedication form the cornerstone of Harvey Aviation’s commitment to safety, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Harvey Aviation?

Discover a world of possibilities with Harvey Aviation. Let’s take flight together. For bookings, inquiries, and reservations, please call us.

Experienced Crew

At Harvey Aviation, our crew is the heart and soul of every flight. Our carefully selected team of pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff boasts extensive experience, unwavering professionalism, and an unyielding dedication to your comfort and safety. From the moment you step on board, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces and attentive service, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is as enjoyable as it is seamless.

High-Quality Aircraft

We understand that the journey is just as important as the destination. That’s why we’ve curated a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort, style, and performance. Each aircraft is meticulously maintained to the highest industry standards, ensuring a smooth and secure flight every time you travel with Harvey Aviation.

Serving the U.S. & Mexico

Our reach knows no bounds. Harvey Aviation proudly offers charter services across the entire United States and Mexico. Whether you’re looking to explore the captivating landscapes of the United States or embark on an adventure south of the border, our extensive network of routes and destinations ensures that your travel dreams become a reality.

Your Journey, Your Way

Harvey Aviation is more than just a charter airline – we're your partner in unforgettable journeys. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, our commitment to excellence guarantees an experience that exceeds your expectations. We invite you to embark on a new era of air travel with Harvey Aviation, where every flight is a testament to our passion for aviation and our dedication to you, our valued passenger.